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Frequently Asked Questions

We have outlined answers to questions that are sometimes asked. If you are not able to find the information you require, please do get in touch with us at +358 (0) 93 15 85 990 or

Opening Hours & Practicalities

When is the resort open?

Nearly all year round. The Saariselkä resort is closed between April 22 and May 31 for annual maintenance purposes. Between September and April we're the Northern Lights Village, whereas between June and August, we're the Midnight Sun Village. The one and same resort, with different seasonal themes and tailored experiences.

The Levi resort is open from first of November to twenty first of April Between May and October we're closed due to annual maintenance and facility upgrades

What are the check in/ out times?

Check-in time 4pm
Early check-in from 6am, subject to availability and a fee.

Check-out time 12pm
Late check-out until 9pm, subject to availability and a fee.

How may I request early check-in and/or late check-out?

This may be granted 1 week prior to arrival/departure at the earliest.If you have booked on our website or via an online travel agency, you'll receive an email with a link where you may book this service. Alternatively, you may send your request to

May I store my luggage at the reception before check-in and after check-out?

Yes! We can keep your luggage while you're waiting for check-in or while you're waiting for transportation after check-out.

Is housekeeping service provided?

Yes! By default, housekeeping will clean your cabin every second day. You may request for housekeeping to clean your cabin every day, free of charge. Please contact our reception team on the spot.

How about the sauna, ice pool and hot tub?

Only private times are bookable. Please schedule your time in advance.

Is smoking allowed at the resort?

Outdoors, yes. Indoors, smoking is strictly forbidden and subject to a penalty of up to €3000,00.

Seasons, Weather & Gear

What temperatures are to be expected up there in the north?

In the Winter, temperatures vary between -10˚C and -25˚C. On certain days, the thermometer may dip to -40˚C. In the Autumn, we have mild temperatures between 0˚C and 10˚C. The nordic Summer can get quite warm, with temperatures up to 30˚C. On average though, Summer temperatures are close to 18˚C.

What gear do I need for outdoor Winter activities? Is anything provided?

Basic equipment for outdoor activities is provided by the resort at no extra cost, for both overnight guests and people participating in activities. This includes thermal overalls, boots and gloves, as well as experience-specific gear such as helmets/balaclavas for snowmobile safaris and cross-country skis and snowshoes for active experiences. Overnight guests may keep the gear throughout their stay, whilst guests participating in experiences only, are asked to return the gear after the end of the activity. Please bring good base and mid-layers, namely thermal underwear, a fleece jacket or wool sweater, a beanie, a scarf, wool socks, as well as lighter clothing for possible warmer days. We recommend avoiding cotton based materials.

When should I come to see the Northern Lights?

The Aurora Borealis can be seen between the last week of August and the end of April. During these months, the nights are dark, which is an essential condition for the Northern Lights to be visible. Please note that the weather is another factor to take into consideration. Clear skies are ideal for the viewing of the Northern Lights.

On a cloudy day, is there any chance of seeing the Northern Lights?

Yes! Thanks to the microclimates in Lapland, there's always the chance that there may be openings in the cloudy sky. Thus, we rarely cancel an outing based on the weather.

How often in a season do you see the Northern Lights?

On average, every second night. The Aurora Borealis are impossible to accurately predict as there are many factors to be taken into consideration, such as the weather, the KP Index and the position of the earth's magnetic field.

When is daylight to be expected?

From late November on, the sun gradually struggles to rise. By solstice, on December 21, it doesn't rise at all. This is the so-called Polar Night and all you see are glows on the horizon for a few hours around midday. Truly breathtaking twilight views with deep warm colours. From early February on, the sun gradually rises again, until we reach the Nightless Nights, the time of the Midnight Sun. Between June and July, the sun shines for almost 300 hours. In April/May and in August/September, there's a light balance between day and night.

Where do you recommend I check the weather and the aurora situation?

We have found to provide the most accurate weather forecast. Please key in Saariselkä, Ivalo and Inari, to see the forecast for the nearby locations where we usually head out to see the Northern Lights. For estimates on the Aurora Borealis, we recommend
Please note that the Aurora Borealis are impossible to accurately predict. We recommend you take the forecasts of both weather and northern lights with a pinch of salt, so you wouldn't miss out on a great display because the forecasts didn't seem favourable at the time. We often seen breathtaking Northern Lights on cloudy nights. It may also happen that on clear nights we do not get to see this natural wonder.

Pickups, Meeting Points & Drop-offs

I'm staying at the Northern Lights Village. Where do we meet?

Please meet us at the reception building of the Northern Lights Village. Please be there 15 minutes prior to the start of any activity. For husky safaris, please be there 30 minutes prior to the start of the activity. If you haven't yet received your complimentary clothing, the guide will take you to the dressing room and provide you with clothing and gear.

Do you offer pickups and drop-offs if we're staying at another hotel?

Yes! During the booking process, you're able to select a location from which you'd like to be picked up and dropped off to. When choosing this option, please be at the chosen location, at the given time. The guide will pick you up with a branded Northern Lights Village vehicle and bring you to the dressing room, where you'll get the necessary clothing and gear for optimum comfort during the experience. Afterwards, the guide will drop you off to the location you've been picked up from.

I'm staying at another hotel, but will arrange my own transportation. Where do we meet?

Please meet us at the reception building of the Northern Lights Village. Please be there 15 minutes prior to the start of any activity. For husky safaris, please be there 30 minutes prior to the start of the activity. The guide will then take you to the dressing room and provide you with clothing and gear.

Do you photograph the experiences?

Yes! Unless, you tell us otherwise. We photograph nighttime experiences and you may purchase a single photo, an album, desk art, wall art or keepsakes of the activity afterwards, from our 'Guest Photography Services'. Your photos are stored in the cloud and only accessible by people with a password. The password is different for each activity and is only provided to guests that have participated in the activity. Should you not wish to be photographed, please mention this to your guide at the start of the activity.

How to photograph the Northern Lights?

Photographing the Northern Lights is at the core of our service. All of our safaris are suitable for both amateurs and professional photographers. Our guides are trained to give you tips and tricks for photographing the Aurora Borealis. For best results, you will need a tripod and preferably good quality camera with manual controls and a fast lens. Bring your own or let our guide take photos for you. Photography is fully voluntary on all of our safaris. If you prefer, you can focus on enjoying the views and purchase photographs taken by your guide as a memento of your trip.

Am I guaranteed to see the Northern Lights?

In short: No. The record at our resort is 17 consecutive nights of visible Northern Lights and throughout a season, the average is every second night. Cloudy weather can sometimes hinder the visibility of the Northern Lights, but our aurora hunting excursions will maximise your chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis.

Are the experiences suitable for young children and elderly people?

Infants and toddlers are recommended to limit their activities outdoors to shorter periods on cold weather days. We recommend you consult a physician to assess whether you are in a good physical condition to participate in the experiences.

Anything special to consider on snowmobile safaris?

Snowmobile drivers must be 18 years or older and possess a driver’s license valid for traffic in Finland. Children under 15 and/or under 140 cm in height participating in a snowmobile safari must be accompanied by their parents or guardians and they’ll be seated in a heated sleigh pulled by the guide. The snowmobiles are insured for traffic in Finland. In case of damages, the deductible is €2.000,00. The deductible can be reduced to €500,00 euros for €50,00 per snowmobile.

How long are the Northern Lights visible?

The northern lights may be visible for just 5 minutes or several hours. This is something we cannot predict.

More Questions

When to come?

The Northern Lights can be seen between September and April. The land of the Midnight Sun comes to life between June and August.


The main travelling season in Lapland is winter, from mid-November to February, peaking around Christmas. The arctic winter offers lot to experience and the pink and blue polar night colours are mesmerising. If you're planning to visit in the Winter, please book your stay and flights in advance as these tend to quickly get fully booked. The coldest months, December and January, have an average temperature of -15˚C. According to the statistics published by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the average starting date of full snow cover ranges between October 27th and November 6th, whereas the average ending date of permanent snow cover ranges between May 10th and May 20th. In order to carry out the advertised Winter experiences, we require a full snow cover.


As days grow longer in February, the temperatures start slowly to rise. More light for daytime activities, yet dark nights for viewing the Northern Lights. The snow cover often lasts all the way through to May.


The Aurora Borealis can be seen in the Inari region as early as August, as soon as the nights get dark after the polar summer. Before the temperatures drop to below zero degrees, the Northern Lights reflect from the ice-free lakes and rivers. This creates especially magnificent sights and great photo opportunities. We offer various Autumn activities, including Aurora hunting excursions, husky wagon rides, hiking trips and other more, until mid-November, when the snow conditions allow the transition from Autumn to Winter experiences.


As the sun never sets, the northern lights are not visible, but the incredible natural beauty of the region does not end there. The Midnight Sun creates beautiful golden hues on the horizon. You'll feel reenergised by the sun and you'll have plenty of time for thrilling arctic summer experiences around the clock.

Is there Internet available at the resort?

Yes! WiFi is a complimentary service of the Northern Lights Village and is available everywhere at the resort, with speeds of up to 100 Mbp/s and no data limits.

I have certain dietary restrictions. Can you help me?

All special diets and allergies are taken into account by our kitchen and restaurant personnel. Just notify us and we'll make sure there are good food options for you.

Is there a convenience store and other services nearby?

Northern Lights Village is located on quiet spot right next to vast, uninhabited wilderness, away from the buzz of the centre. Yet, it is conveniently close to the services of Saariselkä. Just 350m away, you'll find a wide range of services such as a supermarket, restaurants, bars, shops, a Spa, a bowling alley and the northernmost Downhill Skiing Centre in Europe.

Can I drink water from the tap?

Yes! Our tap water is potable. It is most probably the best water you'll ever drink.

Can you wake me up when the Aurora Borealis are visible?

Yes! You will be alerted via the in-cabin tablet.

Will light pollution hinder the viewing of the Northern Lights?

Light pollution affects the viewing immensely. This is why all Aurora Cabins are oriented towards Northwest, away from the lights of Saariselkä. The cabins are equipped with motion sensors, which turn on and off as you walk past. We kindly ask all our guests to keep the lights in the cabin shut off whenever possible.

May I cancel or reschedule my booking?

Generally, all reservations are non-refundable from the time of booking. If your circumstances have changed and you'd like to reschedule the booking, please email us and we'll evaluate the conditions for a change. Please note we do not offer refunds for cancelled bookings. This applies to any bookings made in advance or on the spot.

Can I pay in instalments?

Sometimes. If you're unable to settle the full amount at the time of bookings, please send us an email. We may be able to offer you the possibility of paying only 30% at the time of booking and the remainder 42 days prior to arrival.

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Why visit in the Spring?
In Finnish, we call the Lappish Spring ‘Kevättalvi’. There’s a beautiful balance between all the Winter perks, milder temperatures and more hours of daylight. Ideal for those looking to get the most out of the snow!
Why visit in the Summer?
Escape the heatwaves of regions closer to the equator, with temperatures rarely exceeding 20°C. Enjoy the quiet, peaceful and pristine nature of Lapland!
Why visit in the Autumn?
Temperatures are mild, there’s less crowd and nights are very dark which allows for amazing Northern Lights viewings. Plus: Enjoy Aurora Square! You’ll be able to see breathtaking Northern Lights reflections on unfrozen rivers and lakes.
Why visit in the Winter?
Sub-zero temperatures ensure there’s plenty of snow and outdoor fun for the whole family! The sun is only up for a few hours, making the Winter a great time to view Northern Lights. Cold nights tend to have a clear sky, with green, purple and red shades of the Aurora Borealis!

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