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[P7] Energising Summer Getaway - 3–Night Package

“The Midsummer (summer solstice) is celebrated in all over Europe and it vastly predates Christianity. In many countries, it is believed that mischievous or evil spirits and witches are on the move on Midsummer eve. But not in Finland – there has never been anything but a celebration of life, joy and good vibes on this bright night.”


This 4-night Arctic summer holiday provides you with plenty of light and action out in the wild. You get to explore many different natural environments of Northern Lapland, such as the rugged fells and secluded pine forests of Saariselkä and UKK National park, the lonely wilderness lake Lutto and the great wilderness lake Inari, that was chosen by CNN as the most beautiful place in Europe in 2019.


The various experiences include a day trip to Nellim where you can learn about the indigenous Skolt Sámi culture, a Midnight Sun Photography Expedition, a nocturnal hike in the UKK national park and an electric fat bike safari. And a lot of fun moments with huskies, canoes and jet skis.


Even though the nature of Lapland is wild, our activities are designed with safety in mind and are suited to everyone, children included. You will be accompanied by English speaking, experienced nature guide on all activities.


Accommodation in your own, private, 29-square meter Midnight Sun Cabin with glass-roof. Everything is taken care of – the package includes transportation to and from airport to airport and all activities. Breakfast, lunch, and dinners are provided in the Northern Lights Village’s cozy restaurant, or outdoors during activities.


Photography oriented: Our trips, safaris and Midnight Sun expedition locations are chosen with photogenic beauty in mind. We often stop to take photos of the very best spots. Our nature guides are advanced photographers, specialized capturing the Northern Lights by winter and the golden hours of Midnight Sun by summer.


Day 1

[B1] Ivalo Airport → Northern Lights Village

[K13] Midnight Sun Photography Expedition (3h)


Day 2

[K4] Electric Fat Bike Safari (4h)

[K2] National Park Hike (3h) — Under the Midnight Sun


Day 3

[K9] Day-trip to Nellim (6h)

[K1] Hiking with Huskies (3h)


Day 4

[K7] Lutto Lake Canoeing (4h)

[K5] Jet Ski Try-out (2h)


Day 5

[B2] Northern Lights Village → Ivalo Airport



- Accommodation in a Glass-roof Midnight Sun Cabin

- Full Board Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

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