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Snow Sports Skiing lessons and snowshoeing

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[T1] Cross-country Skiing Lesson (2h)



Adults - €60.00

Children (Ages 4-14) - €30.00

Duration: 2 hours


“All of a sudden, the trees transformed into fur-covered men, who flew across the snow silently, like the wind. On their feet they wore some sort of long wooden shoes and they had long bear spears in their hands.”

Jump on your skis and push ahead – soon you will be gliding on the snow like ancient Laplanders.

Skiing is easy and can be done by anyone who can walk! During this beginners’ course, your guide will teach you the basic techniques, after which you can head on the forest trail to witness the wintery beauty of Lapland.

 Inclusions: Guiding in English, Thermal Clothing inc. Overalls, Boots & Mittens, Cross-country Skis and Ski Poles

[T2] Snowshoeing in the Fells (2h)

CLOSEST WAY TO EXPLORE the Nature Of Lapland

"The Laplanders hung the wings of a willow grouse over the crib of a baby girl so that the girl would grow up to be as pure as the white willow grouse on top of the snow."

Saariselkä, Lapland


Adults - €60.00

Children (Ages 4-14) - €30.00

Infants - Free!

Duration: 2 hours


Snowshoeing is the closest way to experience the nature of Lapland. The deep snow crunching under the shoes, the snow-hooded trees, and the pearly-white willow grouse watching you from afar – the winter nature is a magical world of its own.

We hike through the forest in snowshoes to a nearby fell where we will build a fire, prepare a hot drink and enjoy the spectacular scenery. The guide will provide information on the nature and animals of Lapland, and with any luck, we may see a Siberian jay, a willow grouse, or a herd of reindeer wandering by.

This trip is especially suitable for nature-lovers, who wish to take great photographs and ecologically enjoy the natural scenery.

Inclusions: Guiding in English, Thermal Clothing inc. Overalls, Boots & Mittens, Warm Berry Juice, Snowshoes

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